Friday, January 4, 2013

Vegan Cookbook Review

I know I'm a little late to the party, as this cookbook hit the shelves back in '09, but my husband just got  The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen and we have been having a blast whipping up Tal's masterpieces! His recipes contain no dairy, meat, or eggs but do contain lots of flavor. Any of the recipes in this book would be sure to impress your (meat-eating) guests at the next dinner party. I suggest you don't even mention the "v" word to your guests and they may not notice the delicious meal and dessert they just wolfed down was devoid of animal products.

My husband and I ambitiously made one of the more complicated entrees first, but the work is so worth it. Wow was it delicious! We made the Peppercorn-Encrusted Portobello Fillets with Yellow Tomato Bearnaise Sauce and Mashed Potatoes, as seen below.

Next, we created the Cajun Portobello Sandwich with Avocado and Remoulade, except we used regular Vegenaise instead of the remoulade and didn't have anymore avocado in the house, so we just layered on juicy tomato slices and crisp lettuce and holy moly it was soooooo good! We decided this sandwich needs to be a regular item on our weekly menu. It's not too spicy and the marinade makes the mushrooms so juicy.

Chef Tal proves with The Conscious Cook that dining on vegan food doesn't mean sacrificing flavor or substance. Anyone who thinks vegans only eat salads should check this cookbook out. I wouldn't recommend this cookbook to people who don't enjoy cooking though, as it is mostly geared for those who enjoy the process of actually creating their entire meal. Most of the recipes are more for fine dining, like special occasions, but there are a few for everyday cooking as well.

In his own words, taken from the introduction: "There are no sprouts in this book, or in my refrigerator. I don't like them. I like rich, hearty meals, and I love cooking. I love being in the kitchen, alone or with friends. And this book is for people who feel the same--people who love to cook....if you like hollandaise sauce, rich wine reductions, and meat-like textures, you'll love these recipes."

There is more to the book than recipes, as he also includes interviews with other culinary geniuses, a list of his favorite vegan restaurants in the U.S., and a list of items to stock your kitchen with for the best cooking experience you can have.

My husband and I can't wait to make every recipe in the book. Thanks, Chef Tal!

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  1. That Cajun Portobello Sandwich is one of the best things I have ever eaten!