Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Special Announcement!

Hello Beautiful People,

I have been busy writing a memoir, giving advice on my tumblr account, raising a toddler (potty-training tips, por favor) and modeling jewelry so my blog has kind of taken a back seat lately. I will eventually put this blog in its final resting place, as I am now a writer and advice columnist on www.jackedandjilted.com! Jacked and Jilted is all about gender, relationships, and sex.

You can write to me if you need an unbiased opinion on whatever is ailing your psyche or heart:

Here is a piece I wrote about getting hit on. Please comment, share, and follow me on Jacked and Jilted and on Twitter!

Liz LaPoint

PS: Join Zivity to follow my art modeling! It's NSFW, y'all.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Say It Ain't So, The 90s Are Back

According to Yahoo News and the runways, bold, dark lipsticks are back in. I hated the look in the 90s, and I still think it looks awful. In my humble opinion, nobody can pull this look off. It doesn't matter what your hair color is, the tone of your complexion, or what you wear, cabernet-colored lips are so universally unflattering.

This Yahoo article gives a few photographs of the latest celebs to give in to this fad. It's one thing to keep up with the times and style yourself in a way that is both flattering and modern, it's another when you ignore how unattractive a trend is in an attempt to look cool. Super dark lips are not hot, ladies!

You know what never goes out of style? Fresh, pretty, flattering make-up that enhances your features instead of standing out on its own. A soft pink lip is sensual and gorgeous.

Are there any trends you think are hideous and want to banish forever?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Terry's New Blog

Terry does more than just photograph moi. He also has an array of gorgeous landscape work, too!

Follow his new blog devoted to his other photos:


Many prints are available to order:


Friday, September 6, 2013

"Nekkid" In the Desert

Egotastic, the site that is about "the sexy side of celebrity gossip", featured Terry's photography of me again! Thanks, Bill


Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Gig!

New ad campaign for Summer 2013. Check out reuschjewelers.com soon to see the ads shot by my husband, Terry! Here are a few photos that may or may not end up in the campaign.

Many thanks to Vance Reusch for giving me and Terry the opportunity to promote your fabulous business!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Divorcing Friends

I don't understand people who have the same friends their entire lives. I've known people who have kept the friends they made in elementary school throughout adulthood. As little kids, our only criterion for picking friends is proximity; who you sat next to in class or who lived in your neighborhood and rode the bus to school with you. Some of us made friends with our parents' friends' children (proximity again) and some of us made friends at local activities, like sports or dance lessons (proximity + a common interest). We pick friends that happened to be right there, and then we keep them because they are fun. 

It's pretty much the same thing in high school. We probably have a bit more in common with our high school friends, but for the most part we pick our friends for superficial reasons (who is popular, who is cute, etc) or we stick with the same clique we belonged to in middle school.

When I entered my twenties, I was already sensing that my high school friends and I were growing apart. And that makes sense; we were becoming adults and when we grow up, take risks, get out of the town we were raised in, meet new people, go to college, etc, we become a new version of ourselves. You've made mistakes and learned from them, you've been exposed to new information and new perspectives, and opinions may change and values may change as a result. You're also less likely to put up with bullshit as you get older; the kinds of douchey things you might forgive from your friends when you are a kid are deal-breakers as an adult.

I realized that I no longer had anything in common with most of my old friends. But not only did I have nothing in common with some of them, I realized I didn't even like who they were anymore. They had become the type of person that had we met as adults, we wouldn't have become friends. They exhibited what I would call some serious character flaws.

I made a lot of friends over the years, but most of them were what I would call my "Fun Friends", meaning, they were a lot of fun to hit the night clubs with but they couldn't have an intelligent conversation to save their lives. I got to a point in my life where having fun together just wasn't enough. The night club scene got old, and the lack of commonalities became something I couldn't ignore anymore.

Adults have more important criteria for picking friends, although proximity plays a role too (coworkers, neighbors, etc), but oftentimes when you first meet someone you think "Wow, our personalities just clicked and he/she seems really cool", only to discover through time that they are actually incredibly annoying. What happens with lovers pretty much also happens with friends. It's the same process:
1) You meet and "click"
2) You spend lots of time together
3) You gradually see "red flags" and start to feel frustrated and annoyed
4) You finally have enough and move on

I've had to "divorce" a few friends over the years, and it was tough. Breaking up with a friend is a much more difficult process than breaking up with someone you are dating. Because dating requires romantic chemistry, you can break up with someone without having to tell them everything you hate about them. And you may actually really like the person, but you aren't feeling a romantic or sexual attraction. You can say something like, "I'm sorry, but I just don't feel anything serious for you; I'm not feeling any chemistry. You're a great guy/girl, but it's just not there for me." But with a friend, you can't say "I'm just not feeling it"! So you're left with two very unattractive options: you either tell them why you don't like them or you completely blow them off. I suppose the third option would be to do neither and hope they get the hint and dump you when they start to notice you never make plans with them anymore. Ugh.

Finding good people that you share interests with and whose personalities mesh with yours is a ridiculously difficult endeavor, and it can be just as difficult as finding "The One".