Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life Lessons From TV Land

Who says you don't learn anything from watching television? Here are just some of the things I remember from my fave t.v. shows growing up.

The Facts of Life: Jo and her boyfriend, both around18 years old, decide to elope, and Mrs. Garret tries to talk her out of it. Then, just before the lovebirds sneak out the door with bags packed, Jo has an epiphany. She says to her Romeo something along the lines of, "What's the rush? If we plan on being together for the rest of our lives, why do we have to get married now? If it is meant to be, we will get married when it's the right time." Life Lesson: marriage is something to be taken seriously and should not happen when you are still waiting for your chest to fill out.
Three's Company: Jack is constantly hitting on the girls and they are constantly fighting him off. Jack and Larry are always lying and conniving their way into their date's skirts. In one particular "very special" episode, Janet is sexually harassed by her dance instructor and she quits. Life Lessons: Men are horny toads. Men are willing to do anything for sex. And women put up with a lot of b.s.
Little House on the Prairie: They had to hand-wash everything, ride horses and wagon-wheel carriages, have one "Doc" for the whole town, and women gave birth at home with no pain relief. Life Lessons: Life was hard back in the day. There was no such thing as a "simpler time". Appreciate medical and technological advances because without them you'd be having a lot less fun.